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UPS Replacement Batteries

Battery list
ADP82514.5 Ah
ADP82527 Ah
ADP825312 Ah
Please Note: We want to confirm information before posting it on the web site, if you can't find your UPS listed below, please call us with the make and model number so that we can be sure to get you the correct battery set.
UPS - Battery Cross-reference
APC BP500 (all)ADP8252 x1
APC SU1000NETADP8253 x2
IEC ADP8188ADP8252 x4
PowerPal 280 (Old Model)ADP8251 x1
PowerPal L280 (New Model)ADP8252 x1
PowerPal 425ADP8252 x1
PowerPal 660 (Old Model)ADP8251 x2
PowerPal L660 (New Model)ADP8252 x1
PowerPal 1400ADP8153 x3
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