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Teacher's AIDE™ Video Control System

Multimedia Training System for Computer Labs

Interact and Control all audio and video resources in the computer training lab.

Welcome to Teachers AIDE, a better tool for teaching students in a computer lab. The Teachers AIDE system provides one-way broadcast of the teacher PC audio/video/microphone to the student stations. This broadcast is realized over inexpensive CAT5 cables, and will work with practically any computer brand or operating system on the market. You can divide the computer lab into 6 fixed groups for selective broadcast and darken functions. You can also use the Teachers AIDE system to connect the teacher PC to a projector using an additional slave box. All Teachers AIDE components are external devices, and the installation is quick and easy. A typical lab can be installed in about 2~3 hours.

For schools interested in broadcasting full motion video (i.e. VCR, Camcorder, DVD, Satellite, Video Disc, etc..) to the student stations, we offer the AV Assistant for Teachers AIDE. The AV Assistant has 4 standard A/V input ports, allowing the teacher to directly connect popular audio/video resources to the Teachers AIDE lab. The audio and video are delivered to the student desktop at 60 frames per second with true stereo sound, without requiring any software drivers or LAN traffic.

Teacher's AIDE™ Functions:

  • Broadcast the Teacher PC or A/V device Audio and Video to the entire lab, or selected groups.
  • Instantly turn off the students’ monitors and/or speakers without using software.
  • For Windows™ PC’s, Teacher's AIDE™ delivers a set of powerful Presentation Tools that can be used to illustrate almost any application.
The Teacher's AIDE™ hardware based audio/video distribution system (no software required!) will work with any PC operating system on the market. This includes Windows PC’s, Macintosh, Linux, Sun, SGI, and any other PC hardware that uses VGA monitors and stereo mini-plug sound connections. The optional A/V Assistant™ allows you to easily connect standard A/V device into the computer lab - any or all of the students can watch and hear the presentation. These functions are easy to use. Any user can become proficient with Teacher's AIDE™ in a few moments.
  • Darken All Screens
  • Darken Group(s) Screens
  • Broadcast Teacher Audio/Video to All
  • Broadcast Teacher Audio/Video to Group(s)
  • Broadcast Teacher Audio/Video to Projector(s)
  • Teacher Microphone Supported
  • Supports full motion, full screen video (60 fps)
  • Stereo Sound Supported
  • Up to 6 fixed groups can be controlled
  • Functions delivered without any software
  • Compatible with any VCR/DVD/Camcorder/Videodisc
AIDE = Advanced Instructional Delivery for Education
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Video Demonstrations
Streaming Video for Windows Media Player.
Streaming Video for Real Player. (768k connection)
Streaming Video for Real Player. (512k connection)
Streaming Video for Real Player. (256k connection)
Right Click and save this file for the AVI demo. (40 Meg file)
          Downloads in 5 to 40 minutes on a DSL connection

Right Click and save this file for the MPEG demo. (260 Meg file)
          Downloads in 40 minutes to 4.5 hours on a DSL connection
Components of the Teacher's AIDE
This illustration shows 2 groups of students, the Teacher's AIDE hub can handle up to 6 groups.
The illustration shows 2 stations in each group, each group can actually have up to 10 stations.
Teacher's Console
Teacher's Hub
Optional AV Assistant
Student Box
Student Box
Student Box
Student Box
Starter Kits:
ADP4000Kit with Teacher Console, Teacher Hub and 24 Student Boxes
ADP4000AVSame as ADP4000 with A/V Assistant added
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